New West Ballet School

Where we foster a love of Dance

Welcome to New West Ballet

New West Ballet School is one of the county's most respected classical ballet schools, providing the highest quality instruction since 1979.

The school's curriculum begins with special classes for 3 year olds and progresses through nine structured levels of training. All students are given attention and encouragement. Classes are properly conducted in a healthy, disciplined atmosphere where the goals are to develop the student's self-confidence, self-discipline, coordination and grace.

Every August students of New West are invited to participate in the Summer Student Performance where they can have the experience of performing on stage with professional lighting, costumes and an enthusiastic audience to applaud their accomplishments. Other performance opportunities include New West's summer dance workshops and the annual production of "The Nutcracker" which has been staged in North County each year since 1980.


1215 Linda Vista Dr. #B
San Marcos, 92078